US Army Fleece Jacket

US Army

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This fleece jacket is the perfect mid-range cold weather attire. It’s not going to keep you warm in -40 degree storms through the harsh winters of North Dakota, but it also won’t boil you alive on a cool spring day in Arizona.

Don’t get the idea that this jacket isn’t warm! It’s constructed with Polartec Thermal Pro material. We aren’t really sure what the science is, but it sounds really warm.

This jacket not only has fleece lining on the inside, but also on the outside. Great for collecting debris and foxtails. If you ever are bored and need something to do, just walk through some weeds and you’ll have hours of meditative thistle removal therapy at no extra cost!

Other features include pockets on the front and interior as well as Velcro strips so you can attach a cool nickname you’ve been trying to get people to call you for your whole life.


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