Bivy Cover & Sleeping Bag

US Army

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Save big on this ingenious system designed for travels when conditions range from mild to extreme cold weather!

The modularity of this revolutionary design means that each individual bag is fully functional independently or they can be combined to suit your needs at any point during sleep time - so different combinations allow for various levels of warmth and control over air circulation. Either way, prepare to have some very jealous friends before long!

It boasts genuine military surplus durability, complete with a unique, battle-worn aesthetic (courtesy of a shrapnel slash/burn? We it patched up with top-of-the-line Gear Aid® Tenacious Tape™ for maximum wilderness-ready resilience).

Genuine military surplus item. Condition is used, gently scarred, feel free to inspect.

This bundle consists of 2 basic components: 1) Bivy Cover and 2) Intermediate Sleeping Bag


  • Color ACU pattern
  • Size Regular
  • Made of durable waterproof and windproof GORE-TEX
  • About 85" x 28" x 35"
  • Sealed seams for water and heat retention
  • NSN 8465-01-547-2644


Genuine military surplus item. Condition is used, see pics.