1980's Aircraft Carrier Helmet & Flotation Vest

US Navy

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Flight Deck Cranial Protective Helmet & Goggles
Sea Control Squadron 22. Designed to provide impact protection for flight deck crew members on aircraft carriers. Compatible with hearing protectors or noise-attenuating headsets. Markings include the VS-22 and Prop and Wings insignias.

Size: 7-1/4

Flotation Vest (Float Coat)
The Flotation Vest is a crucial piece of safety equipment worn by crew members on flight decks. It provides buoyancy, increases visibility, and offers several tools for signaling for help, making it an essential safety device for flight deck crew members.

This vest bundle includes the floatation vest and whistle only. No inflatable bladder & tube or strobe light beacon.

Size: Large

Early Flight Deck Helmet (Pre-Cranial)
Plain green cloth helmet, the predecessor to the modern-day cranial helmet. Worn throughout World War II, the Korean War, and the early Vietnam War by some anti-submarine warfare carrier crew members. These helmets offered minimal protection compared to modern helmets but were lighter and more comfortable in hot environments.


Genuine military surplus!